Mailbox Installation

How to Set Up & Mount a Mailbox

Follow U.S. Postal Service® guidelines for installing and placing a new mailbox at your home. Get tips on the best materials to use to set up a curbside mailbox and how to keep it in good condition. Make sure that your mail carrier always has a clear path to your mailbox whether it's by the street or mounted on your house.


Mailbox Size & Construction Standards

A mailbox with the Postmaster General's (PMG) seal of approval meets USPS size and construction standards. If you build your own mailbox or buy a custom-made one, it must meet the PMG standards. Show your local postmaster your mailbox plans or your custom-made box for approval.

To get drawings and measurements for building your own mailbox, write to US Postal Service Engineering.

Want to buy a mailbox big enough for packages? See Next Generation Mailboxes.

Where to Place the Mailbox

Here are some helpful guidelines to follow when placing your mailbox:

  • Position your mailbox 41″ to 45″ from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox or point of mail entry.
  • Place your mailbox 6″ to 8″ back from the curb. 如果没有凸起的马路牙,可以联系当地邮局局长获得指导。
  • 将房屋或公寓号码印在邮箱上。
  • 如果邮箱与房屋或公寓在不同街道上,则将完整街道地址印在邮箱上。
Mailbox installation requirements. 将邮箱安放在离路边  6 至 8 英寸的地方。 Dig the post hole so you can bury the mailbox post with 41 to 45 inches of mailbox post showing above the ground. Touch or click to open modal.

Installing the Mailbox Post


  • A 4″ x 4″ wooden support or a 2″-diameter standard steel or aluminum pipe.
  • 避免使用不易弯曲和存在潜在危险的支撑物,例如沉重的金属管、混凝土柱和农用设备(例如填充混凝土的牛奶罐)。
  • Bury your post no more than 24″ deep.

Door Slots & Wall Mailboxes


Some homes and apartments have a slot in the door for receiving mail instead of a mailbox. 合格门上收信口的标准是:

  • The opening must be at least 1 1/2″ x 7″.
  • The bottom of the slot must be at least 30″ above floor.
  • 水平投信口顶部必须配有合页挡板。
  • Vertical slots must be hinged on the opposite side from the door's hinges.

For greater privacy, you can also install a mail slot hood on the inside of your door to prevent someone from seeing into your home. The standards for door slot hoods are:

  • The hood should not project more than 2 1/16″ beyond the inside of the door.
  • 水平开口时,盖罩不能伸出外面邮件槽板底部之下。
  • On a vertical slot, the hood should not extend beyond the side of the outside plate on same side as the door's hinges.

Wall-Mounted Mailboxes

  • To replace your curbside mailbox with a wall-mounted mailbox, you must get your local postmaster's permission.
  • Choose from a variety of mailbox sizes and styles; mounted mailboxes are not required to have a PMG seal of approval.
  • Get a wall mailbox that can hold a normal day's mail volume, including letter-sized envelopes, postcards, and catalogs.*
  • Place the mailbox near the main entrance so your mail carrier can easily see it.

*注意:Wall-mounted mailboxes may only be used for items with postage. Newspapers may not be placed in the mailbox.



  • 拧紧门上的松动合页
  • 保养生锈或松动部件
  • 替换残缺不全或褪色的房屋编号
  • 确保到邮箱的路径通畅
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