Sending International Mail & Packages

Learn how to send letters and packages internationally. USPS® can help you address international mail, fill out customs forms, find out what you may send to Canada and other countries, and tell you where you can drop off your shipment. Preparing your package and mailing it properly helps it arrive on time and saves you money.

For mail and packages sent domestically, see Sending Mail and Sending Packages.

提醒: 由于受 COVID-19 的影响,USPS 不再能够接受或向多个国家/地区投递国际邮件。查看所有暂停提供服务和投递保证的国家。阅读更多内容


How to Send International Mail

第 1 步:Check Shipping Restrictions

What may you mail to other countries? Anything that may not be sent within the United States may not be sent internationally. Many countries have additional prohibitions to obey.

USPS Restricted & Prohibited Items

Check the USPS International Shipping Prohibitions and Restrictions lists and review USPS Publication 52 for specific guidelines on what you may and may not mail.


USPS Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail

Destination Country Requirements

Your international shipment must comply with U.S. laws and regulations and the laws and regulations of the destination country. Find and select a country to see its individual mailing conditions.


第 2 步:Check Allowed Size & Weight

确保您使用标准尺寸的信封和包装盒。If your mail item can't fit through automated processing equipment, it is considered nonmachinable and costs more to send.

Standard Envelopes

Items meeting one or more of the following are considered nonmachinable and subject to a surcharge.

  • 信封有夹子或类似固定锁扣。
  • 信封包含导致厚度不均的物品。
  • 地址书写与信封的短边平行。
  • 信封太坚硬。
  • 信封纵横比(即长度除以高度)小于 1.3 或者大于 2.5。
  • 使用塑料袋包装、塑料外包或任何塑料材料包裹,或者外包装采用非纸张的材料。
  • 信封需大于 4 ¼ 英寸高或 6 英寸长且厚度低于 0.009 英寸。
  • 是折迭封或小本,没有根据标准进行准备。

不符合上述标准的大信封必须支付包裹价格。For Priority Mail International Flat Rate® Envelopes, the weight limit is 4 lbs.



  • 使用坚固的包装盒,并留出足够的空间为易碎物品填入垫层,以防止物品移位。
  • 用胶带封好包装盒,使它的各个侧面平整闭合,并用 2 英寸宽的包装胶带加固口盖。
  • If you're reusing a box, make sure all old logos, shipping labels, and addresses are covered or blacked out.

Weight Limits for Packages

发货使用可容纳重达 4 磅物品的 Priority Mail International® 统一邮资小号包装盒运送。

  • 发货使用可容纳重达 20 磅物品的 Priority Mail International® 统一邮资中号和大号包装盒运送。
  • 通过 First-Class Package International Service® 邮寄的包裹重量必须等于或小于 4 磅且价值等于或小于 400 美元。


第 3 步:Address Your International Mail



  • Print complete and correct addresses clearly in capital letters.
  • 用钢笔或记号笔书写。
  • 请勿使用逗号或句号。
  • Mark the package "Fragile" or "Perishable" when appropriate.
  • If you're reusing a box, make sure all other addresses are covered or blacked out.
  • Include sufficient postage to avoid charges for additional postage due or delivery delay.

How to Address International Mail & Packages

APO/FPO/DPO Addresses

为防止邮件进入外国邮件网络,请在 APO(陆/空军军队邮局)/FPO(舰队邮局)/DPO(外交邮局)地址中不要包含城市或国家名称。Make sure you include the unit and box numbers for APO/FPO/DPO shipping addresses (if assigned).


第 4 步:Choose a Shipping Service

International shipments can be sent via Global Express Guaranteed®, Priority Mail Express International®, Priority Mail International®, First-Class Mail International®, First-Class Package International Service®, or Airmail M-Bags®.


  • 包裹内容物
  • 目的地
  • 投递速度
  • 形状、大小和重量
  • USPS Tracking®
  • 特别投递和保险
  • 投递确认收据


Availability of Services Based on Country

The International Mail Manual will let you know which services can be used when shipping to a particular country.



Add insurance or other extra services depending on the mail service you choose. 易破或易碎的普通物品如果使用合适的垫层打包并且清晰地标上“易碎”字样,则不需要特别投递。添加 Registered Mail®,以进一步保护贵重或无法替代的物品的投递。


第 5 步:Create Customs Forms & Labels

You are required to fill out a customs form when shipping internationally, except when sending non-negotiable documents or correspondence weighing under 16 oz via First-Class Mail International.

Online Customs Forms

When you print your international postage with Click-N-Ship®, our tool automatically creates the necessary customs form for you.


If you are not using Click-N-Ship and just need to fill out a customs form, our online tool will walk you through the process.



Don't forget you will need a customs form for sending shipments to military bases and embassies outside of the United States, despite paying only domestic prices.


第 6 步:计算和贴付邮资

正确的邮资可以帮助您的包裹准时到达。运送费用取决于几个因素。You can enter your package information into the USPS Postage Calculator to get international postage prices for different services.

Postage Payment Tips

如果欠资和投递延迟,支付不足就会导致收货人需支付不足的邮资。Avoid underpayment by:

  • Rounding up on weights. USPS 将四舍五入磅或盎司。例如,如果您的包裹重量为 3 磅 5 盎司,则它将按 4 磅计费。该规定适用所有邮件类别。
  • Verifying the mail class. For example, First-Class Mail can only be used for packages 10 oz and under.
  • Checking the dimensions. Dimensional weight may apply to your package, so always enter a package's dimensions to ensure you are accurately charged.
  • Using the correct package label. Make sure the label you're using matches the packaging.


第 7 步:Send Your Shipment

Where to mail your box depends on its size and how you're paying for postage. You can drop small packages in a blue collection box, visit your local Post Office location, or request free package pickups on certain items.

Dropping Off Mail & Packages

  • If your mailpiece weighs 10 oz or less and has the correct postage, give it to your carrier or drop it off in a blue collection box or a Post Office lobby drop.
  • If you have a mailpiece with a customs form that was not completed and submitted online or any mail item that requires a customs form and bears postage, you must take it to a Post Office retail counter to mail it. 如果将邮件放在邮箱中,邮差不会取走邮件。如果您将邮件放到蓝色 Collection Box(收件邮箱)或大厅存件箱中,邮件将会退还给您。



Your letter carrier can pick up your international packages if you've completed the shipping label and customs from and paid for the postage online. Here are the international services eligible for pickup:

  • Global Express Guaranteed®(全球快递保证)
  • Priority Mail Express International®
  • Priority Mail International®
  • First-Class Package International Service®


无论计划的取件数量如何,在常规邮件投递过程中都可以免费包裹领取。USPS 通常在下一个投递日或另一个指定的日期领取您的包裹。

Pickup on Demand®

如果您想在特定时间领取包裹,那么在付费后,Post Office™ 邮局将在计划的 2 小时内取货。



Quickly see the standard sizes for international postcards, envelopes, flats, and packages.

  形状 尺寸规定 平均附加费


  • 高: 3 1/2″ min. to 6 1/8″ max.
  • 长度: 5″ min. to 11 1/2″ max.
  • 厚度: 0.007″ min. to 1/4″ max.
  • 最大重量: 3.5 盎司



  • 高: 12″ max.
  • 长度: 15″ max.
  • 厚度: 3/4″ max.
  • 最大重量: 15.994 盎司

Large envelopes that exceed size requirements will be charged the applicable First-Class Package International Service® (small packet) price.


Postcards must be rectangular to qualify for First-Class Mail® prices.

  • 高: 3 1/2″ min. / 4 1/4″ max.
  • 长度: 5 1/2 ″ min. / 6″ max.
  • 厚度: 0.007″ min. to 0.016″ max.



If you're not using a USPS-produced Priority Mail International® Box, the total girth (distance around the thickest part) of your package is up to 108″. Learn to Measure Package Girth

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