USPS Connect Local Directory Program

The United States Postal Service® (USPS®) Connect Local Directory is a listing of small businesses that ship locally, are enrolled in the USPS Connect Local program, and meet the following criteria to be listed on a consumer-facing web page on®. The program is currently available in select ZIP Codes and encourages commerce within local communities while promoting same-day or next-day local shipping by business customers who enter packages at participating USPS facilities close to the packages’ final destinations. As the USPS Connect Local program expands nationally, the USPS Connect Local Directory will incorporate participating businesses in the USPS Connect Local program that meet the established criteria for posting on the website.

说明:The Postal Service may amend the criteria to accommodate the changing marketplace and the USPS Connect Local program’s needs.

USPS Connect Local Directory Criteria

Decisions regarding participation are made in the sole discretion of the Postal Service based on the ability of the merchants to meet the following requirements:

Each participating merchant must:

  • Have agreed to the terms and conditions for the USPS Connect Local program and be in good standing
  • Have a Customer Registration ID
  • Opt in to be featured in the USPS Connect Local Directory on
  • Provide the assets required for placement on as noted below in the Placement and Requirements for section of this document
  • Follow the guidelines for shipping when using the Postal Service (refer to Shipping Restrictions - What Can You Send in the Mail? | USPS)
  • Provide consumers with a way to contact the merchant to conduct business. Examples include:
    • An active website* that allows consumers to order items via a secure checkout process
    • Company phone number for consumers call to place orders
      *注意:Merchants that only maintain a presence on social media will not be eligible
  • Adhere to best business practices for privacy and business policies as well as follow due care security standards on its website (if applicable). These requirements will be considered met by subscribing to and being in good standing with an independent third-party program from any of the following, or an equivalent policy or practice:

All Connect Local participants in good standing and actively shipping as part of the USPS Connect Local program are eligible, except those participants that USPS determines, in its sole discretion, pose an unacceptable risk to USPS’s business interests, including legal, financial, or brand interests. We reserve the right to conduct periodic checks to confirm compliance with program requirements. The Postal Service reserves the right to remove a merchant’s listing at any time without notice.


The Postal Service’s terms of use and privacy policy apply to customers and visitors while they are using the Postal Service website ( The terms of use and privacy policies of third parties, which includes merchants, affiliates, vendors, and public affiliation networks, apply to customers and visitors while they are using the third-party websites.

免责声明:The Postal Service does not endorse affiliate, merchant, vendor, or public interest organizations or websites. The Postal Service disclaims liability for transactions and content with other entities or on other websites, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Placement and Requirements for

The company URL and/or phone number will be placed on a consumer-facing web page on If a URL is provided, when clicked, the link will open the website in a separate tab from, and no exit page will be required if the linked site does not resemble a web page.

All merchants providing a logo to be displayed on the Postal Service web page must be of similar size and placement. Merchants should send an email to with the following items:

  • Logo: 400px wide minimum. Can be JPG, PNG, or vector
  • 姓名: Their company name as they’d like it to be displayed
  • Link/Phone Number: Public link to their ecommerce website (if applicable) and a brief description of the type of product/service offered to consumers. For merchants without a website, please provide the phone number and a brief description of the type of product/service offered to customers. 说明:descriptions will be used to categorize the type of business such as Restaurant, Health and Wellness, etc.

Website links provided will have a method to track that the referring traffic came from, as provided by USPS.

说明:Design and links will assure equal billing on the website and will be featured according to the location (state) of the company. If possible, listings will rotate on refresh for a customer, ensuring one merchant is not promoted more than another. As the program expands, site functionality may be enhanced to allow for search by type of business and by ZIP Code.